Telemedicine is More Than Just a Virtual Visit!

Telemedicine encompasses much more than just connecting with patients through video calls - it is like a virtual clinic that offers all the conveniences to stay in touch with patients.

It enables physicians to focus on what matters the most with seamless interconnectivity to improve the patient experience.


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Our Extensive Telemedicine Platform

Reach Beyond the Spectrum

EHNOTE Consult provides safe access to telehealth anytime, irrespective of both provider’s and patient’s location using mobile devices. Allows access to patient information and synchronizes data into EHR in real-time.

Seamlessly incorporated care continuum

Consult in-depth using to-the-point telehealth technology tailored to your specialization and access your patients’ health records in real-time during a virtual consultation through seamless integration with EHNOTE EMR.

Identify Patient Concerns and Respond Accordingly

Allows physicians to send a customizable pre-consultation form to the patients and enables them to upload their quarries with images and videos using a smartphone to help physicians better understand the patient’s concerns.

Build Consistent Brand Image and Professionalism

An easy way for healthcare organizations to monitor their patients’ activities remotely and always stay in touch. It provides patients with access to their health records and appointments, also enables them to participate in virtual care.

Easy Patient Outreach and payment gateway

Patients will receive notifications and reminders via email and SMS, along with a joining link for the virtual visit. It also includes a link for a secure payment portal through which patients can complete their payments.

Ability to Multitask During Virtual Visits

Provides physicians with the capability to record the whole session, access chart notes to determine care plans, and connect with pharmacies to generate e-prescriptions.

Run HIPAA Compliant Secure Telehealth Session

HIPAA compliant HD audio and video calling for improved patient privacy as well as patient information exchange in a secure cloud environment.

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