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Developed by a dedicated team of Experienced Healthcare IT professionals, our solutions meet the growing demands of healthcare Organizations resulting from increased population and cost. Our specialty-based advanced EHR is a reference architecture validated by Microsoft and leading healthcare organizations for providing a roadmap to success.

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Right from the patient’s walk-in to the overall care delivery process, our unique solution provides secure access to patient health
information, improves patient care decisions, and provides a new level of flexibility in the healthcare settings.

Empowering Complete Practice Management

Streamlined Clinical Workflow

Save time and enhance efficiency with our cloud-based software that conforms to your unique style of practice and improves at every stage.

Take timely, intelligent actions with real-time patient information and medical history at the point of care. Speed up clinical encounters with easy-to-use charting options, specialty-specific features, and customizable templates. Quickly provide prescriptions from a connected network of pharmacies to ensure an improved patient experience.

Quick and Easy Patient Check-ins

State-of-the-art technology solutions that help you register patients and schedule appointments seamlessly.

Using advanced software with a multi-view calendar, front desk staff can easily confirm appointments, verify insurance eligibility before an appointment, and check patients in and out quickly.

Mobile Number

EHNOTE EMR creates patient profiles using phone numbers, which means receptionists and doctors don’t have to sift through stacks of records manually or by patient names to find patient information.

Universal Medical Identity Number

Generates a unique Medical Record number for each patient. All hospital branches can access patient information using the same MR number.

Digital Card and Label Stickers

Provide patients with digital cards or label stickers with a barcode and scan them using an integrated technology to access the patient’s information.

Self-Registration QR Code

No more long lines or crowded waiting rooms! Patients can register themselves and book appointments by simply scanning the QR code.

Integrated Web Portal

Patients can schedule appointments through an integrated portal on your website.


An integrated Digi App for Kiosk allows patients to register themselves and book appointments, alleviating the queue burden from your reception desk.

Patient App

Using the hospitals’ personalized patient App, patients can schedule in-person and virtual appointments based on custom time slots for easy time management.

Efficient Charting

Our ever-evolving charting templates can speed up your charting process and save time.

The flexible, custom-tailored suite allows you to organize, monitor, and manage routine tasks with configurable templates, integrated modules, and easy-to-use charting tools that streamline patient interactions.

Care-specific Modules

Designed with critical care-specific needs of healthcare providers in mind, our software helps create care plans at every step of the patient care journey and facilitates smoother healthcare operations.

Customizable Templates

Customize your unique workflow! Create a screen layout corresponding to your requirements by arranging the elements to create customized templates.

Access Complete Patient Information

Securely access complete patient health information and provide personalized care by eliminating potential gaps in care.

Keyword Search

We simplify the interpretation of clinical terms by including ICD-11 and enable you to search using generic names.

Drawing Pad

Facilitates patient interaction by allowing physicians to draw diagrams for the patients’ better understanding.

View Staff Investigations

Provides physicians with access to investigations performed by the staff to make informed decisions.

Detailed Investigation Modules

Specialty-based customizable templates for through and through investigations along with IoT integrations to extract test and diagnosis results to create unified patient records.

Seamless e-Prescription

Always be informed about controlled and regulated medicines and manage prescriptions efficiently by having access to medications from connected pharmacies.

It enables physicians to electronically generate prescriptions and send them to connected pharmacies at the point of care, increasing accuracy, patient safety and quality of care.


Eliminates the need to interpret handwritten prescriptions by the pharmacist, resulting in increased patient safety.

Drug Interaction Alerts

Detect drug-drug interactions and drug-allergy interactions automatically and improve prescription accuracy.

Generic Name Search

Couldn’t remember the name of any particular medicine? No worries! The EMR allows you to search for medicines using their generic names and drugs compositions.

Local Search

Check the availability of medicines at all the branches of your healthcare organization.

Global Search

Our vast medicinal database is updated regularly with information on any new medicines appearing on the global market.

Taper Medicine

Create tapers for each patient alongside the treatment plan, based on the type of medicine and duration of usage.

Empowering Complete Practice Management

Smoother Administrative workflow

Improve healthcare administration and empower staff in both front and back-office departments by implementing automated and cloud-based software.

Monitor your entire healthcare organization’s activities in real-time with integrated infrastructure. Manage and assign tasks efficiently. And ensure the safety of patient information with regularly updated advanced technology solutions.

Competent Healthcare
Organizational Structure

Improved functionality with better precision in executing job responsibilities and improved tracking of multiple activities in the healthcare organization.

Configure multiple layers of management and ensure your hospital staff understands their responsibilities and those of their coordinates, resulting in a cohesive and interoperable organizational structure.

Unified Healthcare Infrastructure

Integrates all the branches of your healthcare organization and enables you to access and manage the entire infrastructure at your fingertips.

Manage Departments

Create a comprehensive list of all the departments and assign specific individuals.

Effective Staff Management

Allows hospital administrators to track all the activities of their staff using interactive dashboards.

Users Management

Facilitate improved communication among healthcare providers for better patient care.

Interoperable Ecosystem

Facilitate improved communication among healthcare providers for better patient care.

Efficient Task/ Project

Modern, flexible solutions to manage your practice efficiently for lower costs and improved productivity.

Our platform allows healthcare organizations to oversee the routine tasks performed by staff using interactive dashboards and execute project plans using real-time data and insights to improve patient care, reduce costs, and enhance patient’s overall experience and satisfaction.

Patient Flow Management

Streamline your front and back-office processes with innovative technology for faster check-ins and check-outs.

Patient Engagement

Enhance patient engagement with a patient portal, telemedicine technology, automated appointment reminders, and medication reminders.


Create comprehensive care plans for all organization branches and provide patients with cost-effective and medically sound treatment options.


A wide range of technologies to enhance communication and marketing strategies for reaching new patients and improving healthcare.

Sales, Purchase, and orders management

Integrated inventory management system with interactive dashboards to track inventory stock levels, manage sales, purchases, and orders.

Customer Relationship Management

A suite of extensive components to help meet the patient needs and provide personalized care.

Security and Compliance

Proactively maintain compliance and protect patient data with advanced cloud technology.

EHNOTE protects patient data with comprehensive security solutions that help prevent tampering and theft of patient records, mitigate data breaches, and enhance data security during disasters, as well as ensure healthcare compliance with HIPAA standards.

Access Controls

Provides access control options that allow administrators to set up walled gardens by limiting access only to authorized personnel.

HIPAA Compliance

Protects the privacy, security, and integrity of patient health information in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Disaster Management

Helps to quickly recover critical data after a disaster and provides remote access to patient data in a secure virtual environment.

Secure Data Storage and Transfer

Patient data is kept in a secure cloud environment with regular security updates, while an integrated suite ensures safe data transfer.

Empowering Complete Practice Management

Revenue Cycle Management

Enhance productivity and achieve peace of mind with an expert financial workflow management system. Get paid faster and file claims easily with integrated medical billing and insurance module.


Achieve a greater level of productivity without having to patch together disparate systems for billing and managing accounts.

Transparent medical billing to help you get paid faster, verify expected reimbursements, keep track of financial transactions, and manage A/Rs efficiently for improved financial workflow and lower administrative costs.

Integrated Billing Module

Billing integrated with EHR for easy administrative workflow and reduced costs.

Automated Transactions

Faster payments and streamlined front- and back-office workflows with automated payments that are integrated with secure payment portals.

Billing Codes Transcription

Inclusion on ICD-10 codes for the standard transaction of diagnoses and procedures in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Accounts Receivables

Quickly check patients’ outstanding amounts and reduce the A/Rs.

Revenue Tracking

Comprehensive reports enabling you to track each financial transaction, including cash flows from banks and cash at hand


Process insurance claims in a timely and accurate manner to reduce accounts receivable and improve revenue cycle management.

Enables healthcare organizations to verify insurance eligibility while enrolling patients, track claim processing across providers, review claim status and follow up on outstanding payments, manage co-payments, and review claims to resolve errors.

Check Eligibility

Check patients’ insurance eligibility during registration, resulting in zero denials and get paid faster.

Claim Processing

Submit insurance claims electronically with a few clicks.


Submit your bills electronically and get faster reimbursements.

Third-party Administration

Easily manage payments by selecting a third-party administrator (TPA) along with the insurance company.

Claim Error Analysis

Review and resolve claim errors quickly to reduce account receivables.

We Provide Solutions For

Keep up with the latest in healthcare with cloud technology

A cloud-based EMR for secure and flexible clinical management, without any redundant hardware or paper records.

Flexible Scalability

Upgrade and downgrade easily and quickly according to your organization’s requirements.

Automatic Upgrades

Zero manual hardware installation - quick and automatic upgrades that save both time and money.


Data stored on multiple servers for protection from disasters and advanced security against cyber-attacks.


HIPAA-compliant and ICD-10-compliant patient data protection.

A dedicated customer service team to help you at every step

Customer support with the assistance of experienced healthcare IT professionals, at no extra cost.


Quick and easy deployment of EHR


In-person training at each step.

Technical assistance

Technical support 24*7.

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