How We Help

The referral management system eliminates the need to make phone calls and send faxes to refer patients to a doctor. Our referral system allows OD/Optometrists to check availability and schedule appointments directly with surgeons and physicians.


The best way to manage your provider referral network

Integrated Referral System

Physicians can easily refer a patient to another doctor or a specialist within the hospital or across their whole community in real-time.

Easy appointment scheduling

OD/Optometrist can check availability and directly schedule appointments with surgeons or physicians without having to make any phone calls or send faxes.

Track referrals

The referral system provides a transparent view of active referrals from doctors for both inbound and outbound referrals to increase referrals volume and reduce patient leakage.

Care Gap Identification

Helps identify medical care gaps in patient care and bridge care gaps with automated outreach to communicate health information.

Access details

The referring doctor can view surgery details and access clinical notes.

Integrated Physician communication

Through the referral app, physicians can communicate with each other.

Secure Health Information Exchange

Enables physicians to share images and exchange health information in a secure environment, regardless of the size or format of files.

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