Integrated Pharmacy and Optical POS for Better Control Over Business Operations

Typically, pharmacy and optical departments in hospitals are crowded and dealing with so many customers is difficult when staff have to manage transactions manually. Hence, healthcare clinics need a pharmacy and optical point-of-sale solution that is easy-to-use for staff and equipped with a wide range of features that can handle all the aspects of retail operations so that customers continue to come back whenever they have a need.

Retail operations and clinical workflow can be synchronized using our Pharmacy and Optical POS system, which automates financial transactions and increases the billing speed, tracks patients’ data to analyze patterns in patient behavior and improve the patient’s experience.


Discover the Capabilities of

Our Extensive Pharmacy and Optical POS System

Rich User Interfaces

Pharmacy and optical POS systems include intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces that increase billing speed and simplify operational workflow by reducing data entry.

Explicit Stock Processing Segments

The software allows for more efficient management of purchase orders, sales, workshops, inter-branch transfers, stock counting, quantity adjustments, and vendor relations.

Customizable Medicine Kits

Allows the creation of case-specific medicinal packages to simplify retail operations.

Competent Inventory Management

It helps manage inventory more effectively so that you have a clear view of inventory stock levels and understand product consumption, which makes it easier to monitor the stock level of fast-moving products and expiry dates of slow-moving products.

Real-time Reports

Convenient and interactive dashboards to monitor reports accurately with in-depth analysis to make timely decisions and precisely track all the activities of pharmacy and optical departments.

Offers and Promotions

A loyalty program that enables to reward customers with discounts and wave-off to enhance customer relationships.

Integrated Payment Gateway

The pharmacy and optical POS system automate financial transactions with multiple modes for payment through integrated payment portals that accept both online and offline payments.

Customer Information Access

Integrated pharmacy and optical POS systems provide access to patient information from medical records stored in EMR to view prescriptions, eyewear prescriptions, and lens configuration information for improved retail operations.

Patient Behavior Analysis

Allows accessing information collected from multiple points of interactions such as patient history, past purchase records, prescription history and more to analyze patient behavior and provide a personalized experience.


The system provides role-based security management options and limits data access with designated walled gardens.

How It Can Help

Positive Impacts on Your Business

It provides better control over your business operations with convenient management of bills and orders, sales reports, inventory stock levels, and more.

Better Analytical Thinking and Planning

Helps to monitor inventory to analyze movements, sales processes, sales reports, and other data to precisely predict future trends and business requirements.

Personal Approach Towards Client Communication

Makes it easier to gather and unify information from multiple sources in order to analyze customer behavior patterns and provide a personalized experience.

Gain More Precision in Your Business Operations
with a Feature-Rich POS System