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The referral management system eliminates the need to make phone calls and send faxes to refer patients to a doctor. Our referral system allows OD/Optometrists to check availability and schedule appointments directly with surgeons and physicians.


Everything you need to administer population health surveys in specific geographic areas

User-friendly interfaces

User-friendly interfaces with automated workflows and intuitive suggestions make it easier for providers and healthcare workers to register patients, capture demographic details, note findings, prescribe medicine, and create detailed care plans.

Online & offline workflows

The camp application includes online and offline workflows, allowing healthcare providers to conduct health surveys in remote locations without access to the internet. In the absence of connectivity, data is stored on the mobile device and synced later to the cloud.

Specialty modules

Specialty modules designed for Ophthalmic and Dental needs, enable care providers to administer detailed investigations, capture information and images faster with AI-based intuitive interfaces, oversee and note issues, and record dental hygiene efficiently.


Enables care providers to electronically generate medicinal prescriptions and share with patients in real-time.

EMR Integration

By using FHIR-enabled APIs, hospitals can integrate camp with EMR to collect and sync data in real-time.

Big Data Analytics

Analyze patient’s health information and classify patients into a healthy and high-risk population in order to detect diseases early and determine detailed treatment plans for individuals.

AR & Medical Device Integration

Ensures seamless information exchange between devices, eliminating the need for healthcare providers to manually record and enter readings. Provides accurate and timely information on patients’ conditions, such as vital signs, essential for diagnosis, treatment, and patient safety.

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