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Healthcare providers with “Mobility”

How many times did you have to rush to your clinic because something urgent came up? Or you had to stay late in the clinic to finish up pending work?

Our mobile EMR helps physicians manage clinical and administrative workflows on the go and enhance work-life balance, allowing them to relieve themselves from constant strain and gain peace of mind.

Whenever your patients need you!

Mobile EMR enables you to be there

Organize Your Day with Ease

Access appointments for outpatient, inpatient, and virtual patient visits using a Multiview calendar and schedule, reschedule, cancel, or follow-up appointments anytime, anywhere using your smartphone.

Stay connected with patients from anywhere

Leverage specialty-specific, high-quality telehealth technology to remotely consult, diagnose, and treat patients with access to complete patient health data directly from your mobile device.

Provide Prompt Assistance to Patients

Get notified about patient health and needs via mobile EMR emergency notifications, and provide e-prescriptions to review, renew, and prescribe medications.

Mobile Access to Patient Investigations

Allows physicians to access existing patient investigations after completing consultations in order to note or add any new findings, update the patient’s history, and determine care plans remotely.

Sync Data with EMR in Real-time

It provides physicians with the ability to capture images using smartphones and add new findings to patient’s clinical records. In real-time, securely uploads and merges data with patient records on EMR.

Keep a Close Watch on the Patient’s Health and Activities

Provides information related to patient’s health and routine activities such as all-day activity, exercise, heart rate, sleeping patterns and nutrition with the help of health and lifestyle tracking devices to determine the right care plans.

Monitor Performance at Your Fingertips

A comprehensive interactive dashboard allows to keep track of new appointments, old appointments, follow-ups, surgeries, and cancelled appointments, as well as detailed financial reports such as revenue from treatment, lab, investigation, surgery, pharmacy, and optical sales.

A fully mobile EMR tailored to your specialty at no extra charge!
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