How We Help

Since doctors are not marketing experts, executing healthcare marketing strategies without the right tools and information can be a challenging and confusing endeavor. Lack of in-depth information and analysis of your clinical operations and patient needs can lead you to wrong decisions that squander time, money, and valuable resources.

With the right technology and technical expertise, forefacts helps healthcare organizations overcome obstacles, gain an edge over competitors, and achieve optimal growth.


Creating success in healthcare marketing with an innovative toolkit

Data & Analytics

Forefacts healthcare CRM provides you with data analytics reports on the marketing of your practice, which helps you understand the points of patient interaction, sources of incoming leads, and the marketing channels that are most effective for your healthcare settings.

Personalized Patient App

The hospital-branded patient app empowers health care providers to work closely with patients. It allows to book appointments, upload patient records, monitor health and lifestyle, access virtual care and prescriptions, pay bills, and more, results in increased revenue and patient loyalty.

Promotional Notifications

Send promotional notifications via your hospital-branded patient app, mail, and SMS and let your patients know about your offerings. Create leads, follow up on them, and convert them into long-lasting relationships.

Appointment Booking Tools

We provide you with a series of innovative solutions that make appointment booking easy for patients, such as a mobile EMR, personalized patient app, digital kiosk, and self-registration QR code, which simplify intake and interactions with patients.

Customer loyalty Program

Using our integrated billing system, you can provide patients with discounts and wave-offs at multiple points such as consultation, surgery, pharmacy, and optical department to improve customer relationships and enhance loyalty.

Online Payment Gateway

Streamline revenue cycle management and improve customer interactions by providing patients with a secure integrated payment portal, which allows them to pay their bills from the comfort of their homes.

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