Patient Engagement Digital Front Door for a Better Experience

The patient interacts with the healthcare system at multiple points during their care journey, so they expect seamless digital interactions in many areas, so healthcare organizations should adapt their communication strategies and potentially adopt new engagement tools.

With patient engagement tools, physicians can actively involve patients in healthcare decision-making to keep them engaged and informed about their health.


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Our Extensive Pharmacy and Optical POS System

Userfriendly Interface

Views with simplified formats and comprehensive filters that help you quickly locate equipment and supplies distributed among streamlined segments such as purchase, transfer, vendor, stock, invoices, and stock adjustments.

Cloud Technology

Zero interruptions due to heavy traffic or server failures!
Maintain a smooth inventory flow across all branches with scalable and robust cloud architecture.

Manage users more easily

Do you need to add new users? No problem. EHNOTE allows administrators to assign new roles and rights as required and enables users to access assigned tasks within secure parameters.

Organize your inventory effectively

Sort the equipment and supplies into batches according to their type in the department, store, and library stocks, along with barcodes.

Manage purchase orders

Generate purchase orders for your suppliers with specified purchase units, quantity, shipping location, and price, then re-order a customized quantity of that unit according to your requirements.

Manage suppliers

Create a list of your vendors in one place, including their contact information, location, license information, and their current status.

Keeping track of expiring stocks

onitoring and reducing expired inventory is easy with comprehensive filters and search options that allow you to check both expired and non-expired stocks.

Multi-location management

Reduce stock-outs and paperwork, using EHNOTE to track inventory stock levels, manage the flow of inventory items across all the branches, and transfer items from one location to another with ease.

Detailed Reports

On your dashboard, get comprehensive, in-depth reports of each activity within the inventory.

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