Better Engagement for Better Outcomes

Customized Care Plans

Forefacts analyzes each patient’s medical files and correlations, including medical history, family records, vital signs, and everyday activity details, defining their health status and specific needs, then automatically generates customized care plans.

Monitor Patient’s Lifestyle

Keep track of patient’s health and routine activities such as all-day activity, exercise, heart rate, sleeping patterns and nutrition with the help of health and lifestyle tracking devices to determine the right care plans.

Self-assessment on Mobile Devices

Self-assessment technology simplifies conducting vision tests. It enables patients to administer vision tests from the comfort of their homes through the personalized patient app. The application automatically uploads the results to the cloud, and physicians can access the information to devise care plans for the patient. Thus, eliminating the need for the patient to visit the hospital.

Personalized Communication

We employ AI to facilitate personalized patient communication, through which physicians can timely exchange pivotal health information, foster customized treatment plans and share them with each individual. While personalized outreach improves health outcomes, at the same time, it also creates a means for revenue generation by enabling hospitals to notify patients about unpaid bills, new propositions, and more.


Forefacts goes beyond just connecting with patients virtually! Our telehealth software is a specialty-based solution tailored for the unique needs of providers. It encompasses a wide range of tools essential for providing high-quality care while accessing patient information at the point of care.

Medicine Reminders

Caregivers can set medicine reminders, ensuring their patients stay on schedule, thereby alleviating the incorrect medicine administration to prevent the adverse effects of inappropriate medicine intakes.

Automated Notifications

Our AI-enabled platform automatically reminds patients about their upcoming appointments via mail & SMS, helping the hospital administration cut down the patient no-show rates and saving everyone’s time & efforts.

Personal Health Records

Drive revenue growth through predictive business analytics

Allow your patients to access their health records and give them a clear picture of the diagnosis and treatment plan you have developed.

Family Records

Enable patients to upload and manage health records of all their family members in one place using the personalized patient app.

Personalized Patient App

A personalized patient portal with a wide spectrum of features and omnichannel communication technology to interact more efficiently and always stay connected with patients.

Patient experience management

Web portal

Integrated Web portals make it easier for patients to quickly schedule appointments with their physician or specialist using a multi-view calendar.

QR Codes

Allows patients to schedule an appointment with their doctor or specialist just by scanning a QR code, eliminating the need to wait in queues.

A Digital Receptionist

A simplified digital kiosk software as a rudimentary patient portal in your lobby that allows patients to schedule appointments and check-in faster.

Online Payment Gateway

Enable patients to make secure payments through online payment portals and cut down the waiting lines at the billing desk.

Engage your patients with interactive communication tools while working more efficiently!